Breeding with Integrity

Owners with Integrity

What matters most at the end of the day, is what you DID, not what you SAID

  Black Russian Terriers of Integrity is not a lightly thought out concept.

  INTEGRITY encompasses morals and ethics.
  INTEGRITY by definition, demands not just a passing nod...but actual adherence to morals and ethics.
  INTEGRITY requires full disclosure, honesty, and transparency.

The information on BRTIntegrity is a list of dogs whose breeders/owners volunteer to provide information. They agree to use the integrity model above with their potential buyers, and breeding partners. The intent of this site is to provide a convenient place to see a broader representation of individual dogs. The hope is that better, more concious matings will take place in the Black Russian Terrier breed. Participants post good and less than good results (honesty). There is no holding back (disclosure). We as BRT lovers need to put pride aside, and become transparent in all aspects.

BRTIntegrity does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided by the breeders/owners. BRTIntegrity does not make judgements about individual dogs, or breeders. Visitors are encouraged to use the information provided as a beginning point for their own research.

  Breeders voluntarily join this list and agree to meet the following Basic requirements:
  Post all 7 required tests for each listed dog/bitch, unless designated as permanently unavailable for breeding
  Certify or Title each listed dog/bitch in a performance/working category
  Certify temperament of each listed dog/bitch through CGC or TT
  Additionally, to be listed on
  Breeders agree to be transparent in all aspects of each dog/bitch
  Breeders agree to test/screen/report for negative traits, as the pedigree, or offspring dictate

   Thank you for stopping by, 
  Esther Jobrack Anita Castro-Marlowe